George, a wealth advisor, shares how his family found value in the Families Fly Free membership even as a 30-year Southwest flyer. He’s saved nearly $7K on travel in their first year and recommends it to his clients who are looking to save money to invest while still traveling. Using what he’s learned, he’s flown free to college visits across the country with his 4 children, taken many trips and saved on hotel stays by using travel rewards.

Want access to get on the fast-track to always fly your family free? Come join us inside the Families Fly Free membership, the BEST way to learn how to fly free using travel rewards…

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  • Lyn Mettler

    Lyn Mettler is a longtime travel writer for US News & World Report, USA Today 10Best and The TODAY Show who created Families Fly Free, a program which teaches families her simple system to use travel rewards to fly for free.

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