Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing you to the new volunteer team at Go to Travel Gal, which I hope continues to grow over time!
To get us rolling, please meet Cami Sauder, the new Go to Travel Gal Coordinating Editor. Cami, who lives in Indiana, will be helping me get things organized and planned, as well as taking over updating several regular posts and contributing some articles from time to time. Thank you, Cami!
We’ve asked everyone a series of fun questions to help you get to know them, and their travel style, a bit better.

1.  What’s your favorite travel credit card?

My favorite card is Chase Sapphire Preferred.

2.  What’s the best trip you’ve taken using miles and/or points?

I’ve taken many great trips with miles and points but I’ll highlight two.
In 2006, American Airlines’ AAdvantage program was having their 25th anniversary, and they were offering a 25% discount on flights booked with miles. I was able to book four round trip tickets to Hawaii for 105,000 miles!
Cami in Kauai
Getting ready for my biplane ride in Kauai
We took a seven-day cruise and spent three extra days in Honolulu. I never thought we would go to Hawaii, and it wouldn’t have been possible without that fantastic deal.
The other trip we’ve taken is to Australia to visit our daughter who lived there at the time. We were able to spend most of a month there with her in Newcastle, in Sydney and at the Great Barrier Reef.

3. Do you have a great travel hack to share?

My best travel hack is to always travel with an empty water bottle and refill it once I am through security.

4. What’s something you never travel without?

Nowadays, I never travel without some food. I’m on a very strict eating regimen for an autoimmune disease, and I can’t always find something I can eat.

5. How often do you travel each year?

I travel at least five times per year, sometimes more. Between traveling and hosting guests in my home, it usually adds up to about 90 days on average per year.

6. What’s your travel style?

My travel style is to go on the cheap, so I can go as many places as possible. We try to stay in a hotel that serves breakfast, eat snacks for lunch and eat a reasonably-priced meal for dinner or stay at a VRBO where they have a kitchen.
When I go on a cruise, occasionally I will splurge for a balcony, but most of the time, I am down in steerage!

7. Where did you go on your longest flight and how long was it?

Sydney Opera House from the ferry
My longest flight was to Australia. One leg was about 16 hours. I’ve never wanted to lay down so badly in my life! On coming home from that trip, it was 52 hours door to door by plane, train and car.

8. Where is your next trip?

My next trip is to Israel, a return church trip with a friend, leaving my sad husband at home.

9. When you aren’t planning or going on your next trip, what might we find you doing?

Now that I’m the new Coordinating Editor for Go to Travel Gal, you’ll find me coordinating and editing. I’m also a real estate investor, so you might discover me trying to make connections for deals or working at my realtor’s office. I love to crochet, read and volunteer at my church for all kinds of events. Next up … Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine.


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    Cami Sauder, a member of the Families Travel Free team, is a longtime traveler who aims to be away from home at least 1/3 of the year. She's mastered the art of using miles and points to save on flights and hotels and saved more than $16,000 on travel using points in the last year. She and her husband have a goal to see as many National Parks as possible.

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