Cheapest days to fly? Longtime travel journalist, Lyn Mettler, has the answer in this 1 1/2-minute explanation. If you book your flights on THESE days, you’ll more likely pay less in dollars, and on Southwest, in points, too! Paying fewer points means you can take MORE flights or bring MORE people with you. This is a key way to fly free with your family: understand how to STRETCH your points by paying FEWER points for every flight.

If you’d like to learn more about the cheapest months and seasons to fly to various destinations, check out Lyn’s Families Fly Free podcast episode on “The Cheapest Day to Fly and Other Travel Hacks”……

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  • Lyn Mettler

    Lyn Mettler is a longtime travel writer for US News & World Report, USA Today 10Best and The TODAY Show who created Families Fly Free, a program which teaches families her simple system to use travel rewards to fly for free.

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