Southwest Companion Pass
Credit: Brian from Toronto, Canada via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s a recent question from a reader that I wanted to share the answer to in case anyone else is wondering the same:

Can I use my Rapid Rewards points before I’ve earned the Southwest Companion Pass?

The answer is yes. As soon as you accrue Rapid Rewards points, you can go ahead and use them.

Even though you use them, they will still be credited toward the 110,000 points needed to reach Southwest Companion Pass status, which allows one person to fly free with you anywhere on Southwest for up to two years.

Using them does not make them go away from the point total that counts toward earning the Companion Pass.

Check your Rapid Rewards points balance and see how close you are to earning the Southwest Companion Pass by logging into your Rapid Rewards account at Once you are logged in, click My Account and look at the Snapshot tab. That will show you how close you are to Companion Pass and A-List status.

To see how simple it is to earn your Southwest Companion Pass, download my free ebook to be on your way to flying free!


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