A reader asks: If I complete my minimum spend on the Southwest Rapid Rewards cards before three months, do I still have to wait three months to receive the bonus Rapid Rewards points?

The answer is no! As soon as you complete the minimum spend required on each card (usually $2000), you will receive your Rapid Rewards points after the credit card closing date. So if you complete your spend in the first month, you’ll have it after the first month’s closing date.

Be careful about this around this time of year. You do NOT want your points to credit to your account before the end of the year if you don’t have a plan to earn the remaining points to get you to 110,000 before December 31.

The 110,000 points required to reach Southwest Companion Pass status must be earned within one CALENDAR YEAR. So if you are planning to start the process next year, just be sure your points don’t credit to your account THIS YEAR. If you are planning to complete your 110,000 points this year, then be sure they DO credit to your account as soon as possible before December 31.

Clear as mud? 😉

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