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Congrats to Scott of Roseville, Calif. for earning his Companion Pass through 2018!

Shout out to Go to Travel Gal reader Scott from Roseville, California, who shared on Go to Travel Gal’s Facebook page that he earned his Southwest Companion Pass good through 2018!

Scott is a smart guy, because he earned his Southwest Companion Pass, which allows one person to fly nearly free with him (for only $5.60 each way per flight) through the end of 2018, so early in the year. That means he will be able to use it for almost two FULL YEARS! Way to go!

If you are in the process of collecting the 110,000 Southwest points required to earn the coveted pass, it’s always helpful to see how someone else did it. Download my free guide for step-by-step instructions on earning the pass (it’s easier than ever to do right now!) and read how Scott earned his pass below.

How Reader Scott Earned the Southwest Companion Pass

  1. Applied for the Southwest Business Premier credit card in November 2016. Met the minimum spend in January 2017 and earned 50,000 points in February 2017. Right now, you can earn 60,000 Southwest points when you apply and are approved for the card, making it even EASIER to earn the Southwest Companion Pass.
  2. Applied for Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier credit card and met the minimum spend in January 2017, earning another 50,000 Southwest points in early February 2017.
  3. To earn the additional 10,000 points needed to qualify for the Companion Pass, he:
    1. Renewed a software subscription using the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal, earning 20 points per dollar spent.
    2. Renewed magazine subscriptions through one of the magazine services on the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal, earning 15-20 points per dollar spent.
    3. Subcribed to USA Today for 550 points.
    4. Subscribed to for 550 points.
    5. Bought a new camera through Adorama on the Shopping Portal for 680 points.
    6. Shopped at Bass Pro Shop through the Shopping Portal for 160 points.
    7. Booked a hotel stay through, earning 1000 points.
    8. Using the personal Southwest card for normal, everyday purchases.

All that adds up to his Southwest Companion Pass earned Feb. 22, 2017 good through Dec. 31, 2018!

Scott wants to note that, “This level of spending in a two-month period isn’t typical for us. Several of the larger items were things we knew last year we were going to purchase and we put off actually buying them until after January.”

Scott and his wife plan to visit the Cayman Islands this summer, a new destination for Southwest, using both the pass and their accumulated Rapid Rewards points! Scott will only have to redeem points for his flight, because his wife will fly FREE aside from the $11.20 security fee. How awesome it that?!

How did you earn the Companion Pass? Please share your story!

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