By Lisa Whitlaw

Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn Southwest referral points by using your own referral link to apply for a different Southwest card?

Lots of you think so (and, of course, who wouldn’t?!), and so many of you want to know if that’s even possible. 

We’ve got the answer…

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The question that you often ask us:

Can I refer myself using my own referral link to sign up for another Southwest credit card? 

A great way to earn Southwest points is to find your Refer-a-Friend link (here’s how to do this) and share it with others. 

If they sign up for any Southwest credit card (all cards now show up in your referral link) you earn 10,000 points. Southwest lets you earn up to 50,000 points each year across all Southwest cards that you may hold. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could refer yourself for a new Southwest card?




Chase Sapphire Preferred Hidden Benefits

Unfortunately, you cannot refer yourself to a new Southwest card from your own Refer-a-Friend link 😢.

How do we know?

It’s in the fine print terms, which you can find on the Chase Southwest Refer-a-Friend page when you click on Program Details

Here’s what it says specifically:

“You are not eligible for a referral bonus if you use your own referral URL to apply for a different card.”

That’s pretty clear!

While that’s a bummer, you CAN refer a spouse, family member, friend OR someone you don’t even know! 😃

We always recommend telling others how you save on travel by using travel credit cards, and if they want to engage the hobby, as well, by signing up for credit cards, ask them to use your link. 

You can also share on your social media accounts or even start your own travel blog.


[Read Lyn’s post on how to start a blog in just 30 minutes!]

Now is a GREAT time to start a blog with any free time you may have.  

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