The card_name bonus is a very HIGH bonus for a Southwest credit card, and it’s a great option if you want TONS of easy points.

Right now: bonus_miles after a $5,000 minimum spend in 3 months.

You can use these points to book FREE flights on Southwest AND they also qualify for the 135,000 points you need to earn the Southwest Companion Pass.

The Southwest Companion Pass lets ONE person fly FREE with you for the life of the pass, which is good from the time you earn it until the end of the FOLLOWING year.

Southwest Companion Pass

Because this is such a GREAT bonus, I’ve compiled 7 ways you can use the card_name‘s bonus Southwest points for FREE trips around the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean.

Not sure if you can be approved for a business card? Not to worry. You can!

Read my FULL REVIEW on this card, which also explains how anyone can be approved for a business card.

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7 Ways to Use the Southwest Performance Business Bonus

southwest performance business credit card

From exotic vacations to trips to see family, here are some super fun ways to use the bonus points on the card_name.

1. Earn the Southwest Companion Pass

Hands down, the BEST use of these points is to earn them so they count toward the 135,000 points you need to earn the Southwest Companion Pass.

Not only do they QUALIFY for the points you need to earn the pass, you can ALSO use them to book FREE flights!

Pair this card with a personal Southwest credit card and may be able to earn ALL the points you need for a Southwest Companion Pass!

Plus, you can ALSO use the points you earn to book FREE flights on Southwest.

135,000 points on Southwest go A LONG WAY.


2. Discover Hawaii

View from Diamond Head
Credit Hawaii Tourism Authority, Tor Johnson

Southwest now flies to Hawaii nonstop from 5 California airports, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

You could easily use these points PLUS a Companion Pass to get at least 2-3 people to Hawaii! 

I flew my family from Chicago to Maui for 30,000 points for 4 people!!

Be sure to read our 13 Incredible Not-to-Miss Things to do in Hawaii.

Plus, here’s everything you need to know about Southwest Hawaii flights.

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3. Warm up in the Caribbean

things to do Cabo San Lucas

Southwest flies to MANY great Caribbean destinations if you want to soak up some sun and gaze at the turquoise blue Caribbean seas.

Here are our top destination posts on Southwest Caribbean destinations from Mexico to the Bahamas to the Cayman Islands.


4. Visit a National Park

Bryce Canyon sign

Want to see some of America’s most beautiful landscapes?

Then start visiting our incredible National Parks.

Southwest flies to many cities that are near top National Parks like Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Zion and Glacier, so you can check them off of your bucket list.

Check the Families Fly Free team’s National Park Ultimate Guide posts:


5. See Your Favorite Football or Baseball Team

Notre Dame
My kids when they were younger at one of our annual Notre Dame games in front of “Touchdown Jesus”

Use your points to see your favorite college or professional football or baseball team play live and in person.

There’s nothing quite like the experience of a football game day at America’s colleges or watching a baseball game in historic stadiums like Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.

We’re Notre Dame fans, so we always make the trek up to South Bend (I’d advise flying into Chicago on Southwest) every year to watch the Irish play and there IS NOTHING LIKE IT! So fun!

My family even used Starwood Preferred Guest points (now merged into Marriott Bonvoy) to watch the Chicago Cubs play from a luxury suite at Wrigley Field the year they won the World Series.

You can still use Marriott Bonvoy points to book a similar experience.

We’ve also flown for free to the NFL Pro Bowl game when it was in Orlando and I know families who like to travel to see baseball teams during spring training.


6. See the Grandkids

GRandparents grandkids

Miss your grandkids’ chubby cheeks? Want to catch your grandson or daughter playing their favorite sport? Use your points to book a flight to visit for a few days and be sure to offer to babysit.

Their parents will THANK YOU!

I know many of my readers like to use their Southwest points to visit grandkids as often as possible :).


7. Fly to a Departure City to Get to Europe

Trevi Fountain Rome Go to Travel Gal

Want to fly to Europe in the near future?

In my Families Fly Free membership, I teach a couple ways to fly to Europe on miles, but it might require you to get to a larger city like Washington, D.C., Chicago or New York.

This can be a great use of your points to get you to a departure city where you can take advantage of lower rewards flights or even a cheaper cash fare to your favorite European city.

Reader Denis B. and his wife like to use their points EXACTLY for this purpose for their international travels.

How would you use the bonus points?

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