Families Fly Free


Longtime travel journalist Lyn Mettler shares her top tips to help families quickly and easily travel for less using rewards points and inspires you with ideas of where to travel.

131: Why You Need to Have Emergency Points

While we usually talk about how to use travel rewards to fly for free to destinations for fun, it’s a...

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130: Using Travel Rewards vs Discounts to Save as Much as Possible on Your Disney Vacation

In this free webinar, Lyn dives into the math of the potential savings of using travel rewards to pay for...

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129: There’s No Right Way to Use Your Points

There are SO many different ways to use travel rewards and none of them is wrong except for NOT using...

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Southwest airlines planes on the tarmac at an airport.

128: Southwest Elite Status: Is It Worth It?

Should you go for elite status on Southwest Airlines? In this episode, Lyn breaks down what elite status on Southwest...

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Brittany Gartner family

127: Member Interview: Brittany Gartner

Brittany Gartner, a newbie to travel rewards, shares how much her family has already saved on travel in just 6...

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A stack of suitcases with a plane in the sky.

126: My Fly Free Formula REVEALED

Families Fly Free is OPEN for enrollment. Join at the BEST DEAL OF THE YEAR for a limited time PLUS...

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A woman standing with her luggage at an airport.

125: 5 Things I Wish I Did When First Starting in Travel Rewards

While I did a lot of things right when first beginning my travel rewards journey, there are also some things...

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A woman in a pink shirt standing in front of an archway.

124: Flying Free on Delta and Southwest with Team Member Lisa Whitlaw

Join Families Fly Free team member Lisa Whitlaw, a married mother of 2 teenage boys who lives in Atlanta, as...

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A group of credit cards stacked on top of each other.

123: Travel Hacking 101

Get a primer on the basics of how to use travel rewards to fly and stay for free in this...

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A woman in glasses sitting on a set of stairs holding a phone.

122: Flying Southwest & Travel Tips with Corinne Crabtree

Super successful entrepreneur Corinne Crabtree joins Lyn to share her tips on travel, her love of Southwest Airlines and how...

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A family posing for a picture in a tropical garden.

121: How a Travel Rewards Newbie Flew Her Family to Florida and Cancun – Case Study with Trish Harpring

Almost brand new to travel rewards Trish Harpring details her family’s use of travel rewards over the last year and...

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A family poses in front of the louvre pyramid.

120: The Biggest Reason to Fly for Free I Never Thought of

There are a LOT of reasons to fly for free but here’s one Lyn has never thought of that is...

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