I am a BIG fan of packing cubes! I use them to pack my family of four for our many trips every year, as they keep everyone’s items separate, are easy to move from suitcase to drawers at your accommodation and help my boys to keep outfits matched, so we don’t quickly fall into mismatched chaos ;-).

But, there’s an even better version of packing cubes on the scene; they’re called Packing Pods, and they’re made by the clever folks at TRTL, who created the innovative travel pillow that I, AND the readers of Go to Travel Gal, love so much!

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TRTL Packing Pods


trtl packing pods
Credit: TRTL


TRTL packing pods are a unique take on the traditional packing cube, which is typically rectangular or “cubed” in shape, and amazingly they are made from recycled plastic bottles! Yea!

Packing pods are designed to eliminate “dead space” in your luggage and to accommodate “rolled” clothes, which many experts say is a better way to pack clothes both to save space and to keep fabric from becoming wrinkled.

The packing pods‘ shape allows them to fit together uniquely, yin and yang style, when full of items and packed into a suitcase.


How to pack trtl packing pods
Credit: TRTL

They are also easy to compress by zipping them and pushing all the air out. Additionally, there’s a hook on the bag that you can use to more fully tighten and compress the pods to leave even more room in your packed luggage.

Packing pods also easily fit inside a larger duffel or other bag without taking much room.


trtl packing pods packing cubes


What Can You Pack Inside Packing Pods?

Packing pods come in a set of three different sizes — small, medium and large — to allow you to pack different items.

Inside the largest pod, you’ll want to pack clothes. Simply roll your clothes and stack them up and down and side by side into the packing pods. You could also use one of the smaller pods for smaller clothing items like socks or underwear.


trtl packing pods hanging
Credit: TRTL


If you don’t want to unpack them into drawers when you arrive, simply hang them from a hook on the back of a door. You can even hook all three together if you want!

The smallest packing pod also works well for toiletries stacked standing up. Because packing pods come with a hanging strap that you can attach to the bag, it makes it easy to hang it on a bathroom rod for easy access at your accommodation without having to remove everything and repack when it’s time to leave.


trtl packing pods packing cubes pool bag


I personally like to pack all of our beach or pool items inside one packing pod and then turn it into our “beach/pool” bag when we arrive. We always travel with swim googles, a pool football, sunscreen, as well as swimsuits, of course, for our pool and beach time.

It’s easy to roll our swimsuits into the bag along with the other items and then add the strap, so I can carry the bag over my shoulder to and from the pool or beach, again without unpacking. Plus, they’re “weatherproof” so if a little water gets on them, not to worry!

You can also use them as your carry-on on the plane and hang it from the back of the seat in front of you!

There are so many clever ways to use packing pods, including as a gym bag, packing dirty laundry and for backpacking.


Packing Pods Are $30 Off for a Limited Time!

Packing Pods Hawaii

Newly available on Amazon, packing pods are on sale for just $39.99 (regularly $69.99). If you want to try this revolutionary new way to pack, I encourage you to grab a set now before they return to their regular price!


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Watch this video to learn more about how to best use TRTL packing pods…



What do you think? Good idea? Will you give them a try?


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