Need access to your credit report?

Maybe you want to check your score or perhaps you want to see if everything is correct or maybe you want to know if you’ve applied for more than five cards in the last 24 months and are thus under “Chase’s 5/24” rule.

This rule means Chase will NOT approve you for any of their cards if you’ve opened 5 or more cards of any type (aside from Chase, AMEX, Citi and a few other business cards).

Normally, you are entitled to one FREE credit report yearly from one of the three credit bureaus. 

But did you know that right now, since the Coronavirus pandemic, you can get your report free every WEEK? 

I’m not sure you would need it that often, but it’s an option!


How to Access Your Weekly Free Credit Report

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To get your free weekly credit report, visit the federal government’s website.

Here you can request a free credit report as much as ONCE weekly.

You can verify this is the correct federal website by checking here.


Why Is It a Good Idea to Check Your Credit Report?

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Checking your credit report can help ensure there is nothing wrong with your credit, such as others opening cards in your name or ensuring cards are actually closed that you intended to close. 

It’s also helpful to see if you’ve opened 5 or more new cards of any type (aside from AMEX, Chase and Citi business cards), which might disqualify you from getting a Chase card. 

Once you have this data and the open dates of each card, you can enter that information into Travel Freely, a FREE service that helps you manage and organize your credit cards and track your “5/24” status. 

It’s also good to know your credit score, so you can try to improve it if necessary. 


[How to Improve Your Credit Score to Apply for Travel Credit Cards]


Did you know you could get your credit score once weekly right now? 

Will you take advantage?