One of the easiest ways to earn more miles and points is to refer friends and family (or anyone!) to sign up for a travel credit card you already hold by using your referral link.

If you’re referring Chase cards, you’ll need to find your your Chase Refer-a-Friend referral link.

One of the best parts of referring others is it doesn’t cost a dime to do so!

You’re helping your friend learn how to fly free and you get some points for doing so…

Win, win!

The simple way we teach flying free uses mostly cards from within Chase’s ecosystem (Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom Flex and more), so to refer people to your Chase card, you’ll need to find and use your Chase Refer-a-Friend link.


Chase Referral Links Can Help Earn the Southwest Companion Pass

Chase refer a friend link


In addition to serving as a great way to quickly earn miles and points toward free travel, if you hold one of the Southwest Rapid Rewards Chase Visa cards, the referral points from those cards qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass.

The Southwest Companion Pass is an amazing deal from Southwest Airlines that lets one person fly free with you from the time you earn the pass until the end of the FOLLOWING year.

You can take AS MANY FLIGHTS AS YOU WANT during the life of the pass and bring someone free (they will have to pay the $5.60 government security fee per way).

Southwest Companion Pass


Referral points from the Southwest card helped me earn my second, third and fourth Companion Passes!

See how I earned my 2017 Companion Pass with NO card sign-ups as an example of the way I typically earn my pass.

You must collect 135,000 qualifying Southwest points to earn the pass, but it’s easier than it sounds.


To apply for any credit cards, please use the links in this post or start at CREDIT CARDS links in the main menu above (shown in the image below). This allows us to earn a commission — at NO COST TO YOU — to help support our small business! Thanks for taking this step.

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How to Find Your Chase Refer-a-Friend or Chase Referral Link



The Chase Refer-a-Friend link can be tough to find, and you may not have one for every Chase card that you hold.

I first noticed my referral opportunity when I was logged in to my Chase credit card account.

An ad on the side advertised the fact that I could earn points by referring friends to the card. I clicked the ad and made my way to my link.

BUT there’s an easier way — and it works for any Chase credit card, including Chase Freedom Flex, Chase Sapphire Preferred, the Southwest cards and others!

Here goes:

  1. Simply go to
  2. For Southwest cards, you can go directly to
  3. Enter your last name, zip code and the last 4 digits on your Chase card.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. The resulting screen will tell you if you are eligible for a referral link for that card.


Is Everyone Eligible to Get a Referral Link?

chase refer a friend link

The bad news is no, they are not.

But try each Chase card that you own on the above page and see which ones allow you to have referral links. 

Another bit of good news is that if you own ANY of the Southwest cards, you be able to refer friends to ANY of the Southwest cards even if they are ones you don’t hold.

That typically works for Chase cards within a brand, like IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), as well. 

As long as you hold one of the cards, you can refer friends to sign up for ANY of the cards and still earn the referral points.


How Many Referral Points Can I Earn?

Southwest card questions


With Chase Sapphire Preferred, you can earn 15,000 points per person referred up 75,000 points each year.

For Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards cards, you can earn 30,000 points per person referred up to 100,000 points each year across ALL Southwest cards.

For the IHG Chase cards, you can earn 10,000 points per person referred up to 50,000 points per year.


What Can I Do With My Chase Referral Points?

Chase refer a friend


If you earn Chase Ultimate Rewards, you can use them to book flights directly through Chase Ultimate Rewards or transfer them to airline and hotel partners, including:

  • Southwest
  • British Airways
  • Air France
  • Korean Air
  • Singapore Airlines
  • United

Hotel transfer partners include:

  • IHG
  • Marriott
  • Hyatt


If you earn Southwest Rapid Rewards points, you can use those to book free travel on Southwest anytime anywhere with NO blackout dates.

Referral points earned from the Chase Southwest cards (NOT from any other card) also qualify toward the 135,000 points you need to earn the Southwest Companion Pass.

This is an easy way to quickly earn 50,000 of the 135,000 points you will need to earn the Southwest Companion Pass!


How Can I Promote My Chase Refer-a-Friend Link?

southwest app


Share it with friends and family via email, telling them all the awesome free travel you’ve been able to enjoy thanks to the bonus on this card.

You can also share your referral link on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

It may also take some in-person talking through it, as many people are afraid of credit cards and don’t understand how you can utilize credit cards to YOUR advantage for free travel and great perks like travel insurance, airport lounge access and more.

Or start your very own blog or podcast to share your travel experiences and links with your readers.

Here is my post on how to set up your very own travel — or other — blog in 30 minutes or less, as well as some tips on how to earn income by blogging.


How to See if Your Referral Points Are Pending 

To see if your referral points are pending, download the Chase app and then log in.

Click on “Rewards Details” then “Coming on Next Statement” to see details about any pending referral points.

Southwest says it can take up to eight weeks for your referral points to credit to your account. 


See how easy that was to get loaded up with tons of points you can use for free travel? 

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