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This is a question Lyn gets ALL the time. In fact, if she had a dollar for every time she’s asked this one, she’d be a rich lady 😉.

And this is an easily-confused issue, as Chase Sapphire Preferred points DO transfer to Southwest at a 1:1 ratio.

Chase Sapphire Preferred


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Southwest Companion Pass 2019
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Here’s the question we are asked so much…

Question: Do points from Chase Sapphire Preferred qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass?



NO, no, a thousand times no 😊.

We want you to understand this one and NEVER forget, because it messes a lot of people up when they go to earn their Southwest Companion Pass, which lets one person fly FREE with you for a year!

While you CAN transfer Chase Sapphire Preferred points to Southwest at a 1:1 ratio and use them to book FREE flights, they DO NOT qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass. 

In fact, NO transferred points qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass…

Not Diner’s Club, not Marriott Rewards, not even points transferred from another person’s Southwest account.

So, if you’re looking to earn the 135,000 points needed to score a Southwest Companion Pass, DON’T count on the Chase Sapphire Preferred points. 


How CAN I Use Chase Sapphire Preferred Points?

Chase Sapphire Preferred pool

Chase Sapphire Preferred, Lyn’s FAVORITE travel credit card, is a GREAT card to have if you fly Southwest frequently and want to maximize your Southwest Companion Pass. Its points, which are called Chase Ultimate Rewards points, ALL transfer to Southwest INSTANTLY at 1:1 ratio.


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Lyn recommends this card THIRD on her recommended travel credit card plan after you have the Southwest credit cards that you want. 

It grants you 60,000 points after a $4,ooo minimum spend in 3 months, which you can then use to book FREE flights on Southwest.

Plus, if you have the Southwest Companion Pass, each point is really worth DOUBLE because you can bring someone free with you on EVERY flight and for every point you transfer to Southwest and then redeem.  


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We hope the answer is clear as mud 😉. Don’t forget it!


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