If you’re planning to fly regularly on Southwest Airlines, you definitely need the Southwest app in your arsenal.

According to Southwest, they were the first airline to have an iPhone app — go Southwest!

There is also a Southwest Airlines Android app version.

The app for Southwest Airlines is great for many reasons from checking in on-the-go to viewing your flight’s status to making sure your bag fits Southwest’s size requirements.

Plus, the latest addition is the option to chat LIVE with a Southwest customer service rep, something you can’t currently do anywhere else even on Southwest.com

14 Helpful Things You Can Do on the Southwest App

Southwest Mobile App


1. Southwest Check-in App

Since Southwest check-in is SO important, because it determines the order in which you board the plane and, thus, the order in which you get to pick your seat, the app can really help with this, especially if you are out and about. 

This is often the case if you’re still ON your vacation and need to check in to return home, but happen to be at an attraction, in the outdoors or in the car.

The app will work great for remote check-in.

In the Southwest app, Check-In is in the main menu on the upper left or click on the flight for which you need to check in.

Then, get ready to hit “Check-In” as soon as the clock turns exactly 24 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart!

Here are more tips for checking in on Southwest…

Southwest Check-In Simplified: Everything You Need to Know


Oh, and don’t forget to set a reminder/multiple reminders on your phone :)!


2. Use a Mobile Boarding Pass in the App for Southwest Airlines

southwest app

I love using a mobile boarding pass rather than having a printed version that inevitably I can’t find after going through the security line.

One less thing to keep track of, especially with kids!

You can also save it to your Apple Wallet if you have an iPhone, which then allows you to show it on your Apple Watch, as well (pretty cool!).

Southwest Airlines app: Android users can save the mobile boarding pass to Google Pay.


3. Check Flight Status and Gate Information in the Southwest Mobile App

southwest airline app

This feature of the Southwest Airlines mobile app is super handy as you’re driving to the airport or if you have a connecting flight.

You can check on your way to the airport or once you land to see if the next flight is on time and find the gate where it will be located.

You can even set up a text alert in the South West app to notify you if a flight is delayed or cancelled.


4. Get Notified When It’s Time to Board

Southwest app

In case you’re too busy loading up on free drinks, using my genius hack for the Priority Pass Select that comes with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card (read my full review of this card), the Southwest app will notify you (be sure you have Notifications turned on) when your flight is boarding.

Very handy!


5. Book, Change or Cancel a Flight in the Southwest Airline App

Southwest check in app

If you’re out and about and need to quickly book a flight due to some great deals available right then or want to change your flight, because the price has dropped during a Southwest sale and you want to get a “credit” or points back in your account, access to the Southwest airline app can help! 

You can book or change your flight right there on your screen without having to get back to your computer.

I’ve even had flyers tell me they were able to save points by re-booking their flight the DAY OF their flight!


6. Book or Cancel Rental Car Reservations

Car Rental Southwest

You can also book car rentals through Southwest (a great way to earn Southwest points; here’s how to earn Southwest points on car rentals) and keep track of the reservations.

If you need to cancel a reservation, you can do that, too!


7. Add Early Bird Check-In

South west app

Decided you can’t bear to sit in the back of the plane in case you forget to check-in exactly 24 hours ahead or worried you won’t get to sit with your flying companion?

You can always add this to your reservation up to 36 hours prior to your departure time via the app.

Here’s everything you need to know about Southwest Early Bird Check-in.


8. Get Information about Inflight Entertainment

app for southwest airlines

From the main menu in the top left corner, you can select “About Southwest” then “Inflight Entertainment”, there you will find information about free entertainment options, pricing on inflight wifi and a list of free movies that are available.

Also, you can now view a movie directly from the Southwest app (if that isn’t a reason to download the app, I don’t know what is 😃).

Not only are movies available, but you can find a list of TV options as well.

If you are flying with kids, this is going to be very important information for you!


9. Check Your Southwest Points Balance

Southwest points

Want to know how close you are to earning the Southwest Companion Pass?

You can view your Southwest points activity, see your balance and see how many points qualify toward earning the pass.

Simply click on the “person” profile on the top right or the three lines indicating the menu on the top left and then “View Account.”


10. View Your Travel Funds

Check Travel Funds Southwest

See the balance of any Southwest Travel Funds you’ve earned with Southwest and when they expire. Travel funds are “credits” given to you by Southwest.

In July 2022, Southwest announced that, going forward, Southwest flight credits don’t expire.

So, any Southwest flight credits unexpired on, or created on or after July 28, 2022 do NOT expire!

You’ll find your travel funds information under Flight/Look Up Travel Funds in the main menu on the left.


11. View Travel and Weather Alerts 

Southwest app travel alerts

Stuck in Denver in a snow storm? Find valuable information about what’s going on or take a peek before your flight departs to see if there may be trouble ahead.

Here is where you can also find the latest on the removal of the MAX 8 aircraft.

These are indicated at the top by a triangle with an exclamation point inside it.


12. See If Your Bag Meets Carry-on Size Requirements

Southwest bag sizer

In the left menu, choose Bag Sizer to see if your bag fits Southwest’s carry-on size requirements or if it should be checked.

The feature allows you to scan your bag using the camera on your device.

You start by scanning the floor with your phone or tablet, then with your bag on the floor with the handle NOT extended, scan your bag using the app.


13. Book a Lyft

Lyft Chase card benefits
Credit: Lyft

If Lyft operates at the airport where you’ll be landing or departing, you can book your Lyft up to four hours ahead ahead of your flight right from within the Southwest app.

Pay for your Lyft with Chase Sapphire Preferred to earn more points per dollar!

Make sure your location services are turned on to see your estimated arrival time and cost.


14. Live Chat With Southwest

Southwest live chat

This great feature is available to all customers who have a current Southwest account, and it’s ONLY available on the Southwest app, not Southwest.com.

First, make sure you have the latest version of the app.

Then, once you log in on the app, go to the main menu in the upper left corner, click Contact Us and then the Chat icon.

They will then connect you to a live customer service representative. 

Southwest Live Chat is available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern. 

Live Chat agents can help you with past and upcoming flights, Rapid Rewards account questions, as well as with Southwest policies and procedures.  

You can also use it in flight for no fee.

This is an especially good option when Southwest phone lines have high call volume and long wait times!

We also have a super secret Southwest phone number that helps you bypass the hours-long wait you may encounter during busy times that we share inside the Families Fly Free membership

Even A-List members tell us it’s faster!


Do you use the Southwest app? What do you use it for the most?


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