By Cami Sauder

You love to travel, that’s why you’re here! 

To learn about the world and travel vicariously while waiting for your next travels, why not buy one or more of these top-selling travel board games from Amazon and have it delivered right to your home?

Not only will these travel games entertain the family, they’ll teach them about places all over the globe with facts like capitals, languages, their location, imports and exports and lots more.

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9 Travel Games to Play at Home

1. Passport to Culture Travel Edition, Amazon, $29.95

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This educational travel-focused game tests your knowledge of cultures and customs around the world.

By answering questions on a variety of topics, you’ll travel the globe collecting passport stamps. The first to complete their passport is the winner!


2. The World Game, Amazon, ~$30.00

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Race around the world, pass famous landmarks and win! 

You’ll learn about the location of countries, their flags and capitals in the process. Fun for ages 7+.


3. Ticket to Ride, Amazon, ~$55

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In the original version of this game, you connect iconic North American cities and build train routes to earn points. Grab the best train cards and routes before your opponents to win the game.

There are many different titles in the Ticket to Ride arsenal, including Ticket to Ride Europe, which takes you back in time to explore turn-of-the-century Europe, combining travel and history. 


4. Trekking the National Parks, Amazon, ~$50

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Appealing to outdoor lovers, board game players and gift givers, the family who created this game visited all 63 National Parks.

After playing this game, you’ll be ready to plan your own National Park adventure!


5. Flags of the World, Amazon, ~$15

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After a few rounds of this game, you’ll have no trouble identifying the flags of other countries.

Collect flags of different countries to win the game. It comes with a map of the world, as well.


6. The Scrambled States of America, Amazon, ~$15

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A mixed-up game of facts about the USA that you learn through observation and very quick reflexes.

Whoever wins the most cards becomes the “Head of States” :).


7. Race Across the USA, Amazon, ~$25

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Visit six states and answer geography questions to get back home.

Questions are geared to each player’s grade level to help keep the field even for play.

The first to arrive back to their home state wins.


8. Continent Race, Amazon, ~$40

Continent Race travel games
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Created BY kids FOR kids, this game will help your young ones learn about the continents, countries and flags of the world as they race to see who can collect the most countries from each continent to win the game.

Fun and educational!


9. Guess in 10, States of America, Amazon, ~$15

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Ask up to 10 questions to try to guess the state on the card. 

The first one to capture 7 state cards is declared the winner!

The perfect game to take along with you on a trip.

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