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Get answers to your travel questions, discover fantastic hotels and destinations and learn more about the Families Fly Free membership in our video library.

From Overwhelmed to Confident Using Travel Rewards With Brittany Gartner

Brittany Gartner, a newbie to travel rewards, shares how much her family has already saved on travel in just 6...

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My Fly Free Formula REVEALED

Lyn reveals the steps of her Fly Free Formula that makes flying your whole family for free using travel rewards...

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A narrow canal in venice, italy.

5 Things I Wish I Did When First Starting in Travel Rewards

Put your family on the fast track to always flying free through Lyn’s simple Fly Free Formula inside the Families...

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A close up of a group of credit cards featuring the Southwest Companion Pass.

The Best Business Cards for Travel

Did you know that business travel cards can help you earn a TON of points that you redeem for free...

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A woman and a child looking at the city of florence.

Flying free on Delta and Southwest with Team Member Lisa Whitlaw

Put your family on the fast track to always flying free with miles and points through Lyn’s simple Fly Free...

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Travel Hacking 101

Get a primer on the basics of how to use travel rewards to fly and stay for free in this...

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Flying Southwest & Travel Tips with Corinne Crabtree

Super successful entrepreneur Corinne Crabtree joins Lyn to share her tips on travel, her love of Southwest Airlines and how...

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How a Travel Rewards Newbie Flew Her Family to Florida and Cancun – Case Study with Trish Harpring

Almost brand new to travel rewards Trish Harpring details her family’s use of travel rewards over the last year and...

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Checking a Bag versus Carry On Only

Is it better to only use carry-on luggage or check a bag? Lyn tells the pros and cons of each...

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Flying to Europe for Free!

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The Biggest Reason to Fly for Free I Never Thought of

There are a LOT of reasons to fly for free but here’s one Lyn has never thought of that is...

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There’s Something About San Diego: My Guide to This SoCal Gem

San Diego is a favorite of Lyn’s family with its fantastic weather, plentiful outdoor options, beauty and so many activities...

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